Our Staff

Our Staff

At Shefchiks' Energy Services, we are extremely pleased to boast that we employ the finest residential home improvement specialists in the marketplace.

Sales Department

Our Sales Department consists of our most experienced employees. With that experience, we are able to help our customers by:

  • Educating our Potential Customer About the Products of Interest
  • Providing Expert Knowledge
  • Working Within Customers' Budgets

Construction Department

Construction Coordinators
Our construction coordinators are the essential contact relative to completion of each home improvement project. Their goals consists of:

  • Suiting the Customer's Cosntruction Schedule Needs
  • Overseeing That the Finest Level of Service is Provided, &
  • Complete Any Applicable Issues Relative to the Project

Specialty Construction Contractors
At Shefchiks' Energy Services, we contract with the finest installation professionals available. Each installer works exclusively within their respective trade daily and has been doing so for years. Based on this type of operation, our installers have gained overwhelming experience. Over the life of our business, our most generous feedback has been generally directed toward our installation professionals. This is a testament to their superior workmanship.

Customer Service Deparment

Our customers can count on our customer service department just as they have for years.

Our full-time office staff can assist with gathering information such as the service needs.

Following, our experienced service technician will consult with the customer, procure the requested materials, schedule the service work, and complete the work in a timely manner.